Heart of Sibillini

On the eastern side of Monte Vettore, located in the Sibillini Mountains National Park, there is Montegallo, a small mountain municipality, a hidden treasure in the heart of nature, which can satisfy and repay every expectation for those who wish to visit it.

Green of meadows, wholesomeness of air and high and solemn profile of mountains, are an inexhaustible source of visions, sensations and images, which are indelibly impressed in visitors┬┤ hearts.

It boasts of one beautiful nature, full of evocative landscape visions: it is like a big stage natural. The range of experiences that this magnificent territory can offer to tourists is very wide, especially for those who enjoy physical activity such as trekking, horse riding and mountain biking.

Therefore, it is an excellent investment for holidays, especially for those who wish get away from city life for some time, to be able to immerse yourself in a charming natural frame.

Flora, as well as the fauna, is very rich and differentiated and boasts of species protected as the Apennine Edelweiss; in the highest part, spectacular Faggio woods lead to the Apennine upland, area of prairies.

Civil, religious and recreational folk traditions are innumerable and offer gastronomic and recreational attractions. The flagship of Montegallo area and the neighboring hamlets are the typical products such as cheeses, cured meats, chestnuts, mushrooms and fine honey, which are a strong attraction for tourists who loves mountain simplicity and richness.

If you want to unwind and enjoy the traditions and customs of the mountains, Montegallo can offer a wide choice, among countless activities to put visitors in direct contact with natural environment.