The association Montegallo in Fabula (Montegallo in fairy tale) was established in Montegallo, a mountain town in the Ascoli hinterland, extended for about 48 square kilometers, impacted by the earthquake in 2016, with a current population of about 50 families. A country endowed with truly remarkable natural, landscape and artistic beauty, today not promoted enough and subjected to a very high depopulation risk.

Leveraging on what is most appealing in our territory, we are working to contribute to its economic and social recovery, with the intention of creating activities and events to stimulate a stable tourist flow and opportunities for community aggregation, needed to create and sustain the social growth.

Along all these years, we saw that there are people who are strongly attracted to our territory who like to work together to help in developing a territory that is at the same time so beautiful and so little appreciated. After several meetings and discussions with different people, we make the decision to create an association that was registered on 1 March 2019 under the name of “Montegallo in Fabula”.

The Association has several goals, in particular to promote studies, analysis, research activities as well as to organize conferences, seminars, congresses, theatrical performances and/or outdoor shows and events concerning the following subjects:

  • The world of Fairy Tales and of Contemporary, Modern and Ancient Legends;
  • Medieval History, Modern History and Contemporary History;
  • History and development of local production activities, both ancient and modern;
  • History of local popular traditions;
  • Music.

This was the result of many reflections that brought us to the conclusion that we need to start from the simplest things and that they can impact people’s imagination, make us feeling positive and rising emotions to associate with the amenity of the territory.

Our interest is, therefore, to promote the development of the territory and of our community through the organization of recreational, promotional, educational, theatrical and/or outdoor activities, using all means and working hard to contribute to the cultural, economic and demographic growth of our community.